Mark Boidman Discusses Book

 Solomon Partners, an investment banking advisory firm, today announced that Mark Boidman, Managing Director, has released his debut book, titled Times Square Everywhere: The Next Wave in the Fast-Changing Media Landscape.

Additionally, the firm announced that its Media Services Group will be speaking at multiple industry conferences in the coming months. First, the firm will appear at the 10th Annual PoC3 Summit on May 10, at The Convene Conference Center in New York City. The firm will also return for the third consecutive year to present at the 59th FEPE International Congress on June 6-8, at the Hilton Sorrento Palace in Sorrento, Italy.

The media industry has shifted dramatically during the last decade as technology continues to impact the media channels that deliver content and advertising to consumers. Throughout his book, Mr. Boidman analyzes how digital and mobile media are changing the media industry.

“People spend over 70 percent of their waking hours outside their homes,” said Marc Cooper, Chief Executive Officer of Solomon Partners. “Digital media, highlighted by the rise of mobile, will continue to impact the media landscape and enable consumer interaction, allowing advertisers to efficiently deliver location-based, contextually relevant and tailored content and advertising to consumers.”

The PoC3 Summit is a unique opportunity to discover how the shifting healthcare climate is fundamentally changing how we participate in health-related communications. The firm will be speaking about the importance of developing standards within the Point of Care media industry and best practices to implement such standards.

Mr. Boidman believes Point of Care media is one of the fastest growing sectors in healthcare education and media today. The pharmaceutical direct-to-consumer market is $6.4 billion, which has grown roughly 15 percent annually over the last few years. Point of Care media continues to take market share due to the rapid proliferation of technology and digital screens across physician offices, pharmacies and hospitals.

FEPE International is a worldwide association of out of home media companies; the annual Congress serves as one of the most influential events in the out of home media calendar. Mr. Boidman will be presenting at the Congress, where he will discuss his outlook for out of home and M&A, including retail technology, digital out of home and digital signage.

“As people are increasingly more mobile and on the go, the out of home media channel has a significant opportunity to benefit and increase its penetration,” said Mr. Boidman. “Accounting for roughly 4 percent of the total U.S. advertising spend today, we’ll likely see a substantial increase in the coming years that should generate billions of dollars for the U.S. out of home media industry.”

Times Square Everywhere: The Next Wave in the Fast-Changing Media Landscape is now available on Amazon.

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