Peter J. Solomon Company is Rebranding

We are excited to announce that Peter J. Solomon Company is rebranding. What follows is a brief update on where the firm’s brand is going and what you can expect next. The new identity embraces our firm’s ongoing commitment to providing trusted, unparalleled industry expertise and best-in-class strategic advisory services.

With a 29-year heritage of providing strategic advisory services as one of the first independent banks on Wall Street, our CEO Marc Cooper gave the charge to create a modern-day brand that is reflective of our core values and innovative approach while staying true to our distinguished roots. Today there are many independent investment banks, but our difference lies in our unmatched industry expertise as the foundation for the counsel we provide and our new brand will serve to reflect this unique offering.

In order to get things kicked off we have updated our website and social pages with our new name and logo. In deciding how people should refer to us we proudly recognize the legacy and leadership of our founder Peter J. Solomon, which has led us to our fantastic new brand name. Moving forwards, we will be known exclusively as Solomon Partners.

Along with a new name, we are introducing a new logo and brand guidelines that are contemporary, innovative and advance the classic features of our historic brand. Our new tagline, “Unrivaled Wisdom”, speaks to our tradition of providing in-depth sector knowledge and capabilities. The icon harks to the Peter J. Solomon historic brand with royal blue as well as flushes of purple for our principal shareholder and multinational banking powerhouse, Natixis, which highlights our fantastic partnership and overall reach. It is a sophisticated yet subtle regal symbol conveying many angles, the passion and warmth of the people, as well as the depth of expertise that Solomon Partners has as a whole.

Stephen Ward DaviesWe have already begun the process of introducing the new brand (switching the old with the new), and in the coming months you can expect to see a comprehensive transformation of our website and our go-to-market look and feel.

Please let us know what you think and if you have any questions or comments. If any of our content or news partners would like our new brand components please feel free to contact

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