Mark Boidman Comments on Technology’s Impact on M&A

Solomon Partners was pleased to be interviewed for a report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.

The report notes that when it comes to dealmaking, traditional M&A processes are being updated with new technology, including workflow tools to make buying and selling companies faster and more efficient.

In the evolution of technology driven M&A, speed and knowledge are integral to a dealmaker’s success. Analytical tools, artificial intelligence and virtual data rooms keep the deal moving faster by expediting work for buyers and sellers. Whether using electronic tools to scan through financial data or creating automated presentations in lieu of lengthy memos, there is a greater focus on technology to boost productivity.

Dealmakers who can weave through all these elements, use data to drive more efficient processes and prioritize intangible relationships to gain a competitive advantage. Though not all firms adopt digital tools equally, most agree that the future of M&A is largely a tech-driven one.

“I always say that every company today is a tech company. Even an investment bank is a tech company to some extent,” says Mark Boidman, Head of Media & Entertainment at Solomon Partners.

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