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Solomon Partners differentiates itself by offering clients unmatched industry knowledge. Our bankers are experts in the sectors they cover. As a result, we are always eager to bring on talented, experienced executives who are leaders in their fields to join our team. Throughout our organization, we provide career advancement and leadership opportunities that enable highly-motivated individuals to grow and succeed.

Our senior finance professionals come to Solomon Partners as leading advisors in their respective fields. With years of experience that span generations and breadth across multiple industries, we are able to bring unique and unparalleled capabilities to each transaction.


We are looking for experienced professionals who can help us drive our strategic growth as we continue to expand into new verticals and shape the future of our firm. As we embark upon a new business strategy and stage of growth, we have a wealth of opportunities for new team members with fresh perspectives to apply their expertise and contribute to our collective success.


The passion and competence of our senior bankers is indicative of our commitment to providing best-in-class advisory services to each and every one of our clients.

“No day and no transaction is the same. I meet with businesses and brands of all types across retail, consumer, apparel and digital/e-commerce.  The evolution of these sectors over the past five years has been greater than the prior 20+ years I have been working in banking.

Because of the structure of the firm, I can spend time working with early stage businesses that show great promise – and help them get to scale and a strong growth profile, as well as work with larger public and private clients.  There is a lot of variety in my clients and activities day to day.  I am always energized to see my clients be successful in their both organic strategies, in addition to successful M&A strategies. Our firm has always been very collegial – we share a common goal of providing the best advice.  Quality and integrity of advice is first; ego is not on the list.”  

– Cathy Leonhardt, Partner, Co-Head of Consumer Retail
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