Cross-Border Bulletin: January 2019

Cross-Border BulletinCross-border M&A volumes reversed what had been a downward trend since 2015, increasing 21.5% in 2018, with $970 billion of announced transactions.  Despite the pickup in transaction volumes, cross-border activity in 2018 was a tale of two halves. Expectations at the beginning of the year were high for record performance in cross-border M&A, driven by the increasing number of mega-deals and the strong global economic prospects for 2018. However, as we entered Q3 2018, cross-border M&A activity was dampened by increasing protectionist legislation – first in the U.S. with a strengthening of CFIUS, and then later globally with similar policies adopted by the E.U. and the U.K.

We are delighted to present Vol. III, with the following themes discussed:

  • CFIUS Update & Global Reactions
  • U.S. Finds Opportunity In Emerging Markets
  • U.S. Dollar’s Strength In 2018
  • Country Focus: South Korea
  • Sector Focus: Payment Processors

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