Scott Moses Participates in GMDC Podcast

Solomon Partners’ Head of Food Retail & Restaurants Scott Moses recently participated in a podcast hosted by GMDC (Global Market Development Center) to talk about the cost of innovation among grocers, retailers, wholesalers and suppliers.

Innovation and disruption are the focus of conversation in many industries. While people can talk endlessly and intelligently about what they should do, there is often a lack of focus on how to pay for it. The podcast addresses this question, along with other trends and issues impacting these industries.

Scott discusses in the podcast:

  • Impact of Credit Ratings & the Low Cost of Capital of Large Grocers such as Amazon, CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General, Costco, and Target
  • Amazon’s Low Cost of Debt and Extraordinary Recent Equity Value Increase
  • Branded Experience, Prepared Food Quality and Restaurant-Oriented Experience to Drive Differentiation
  • The Impact of M&A to Drive Scale and Catalyze Earnings

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